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Experimental Determination of Damping an dFrequency for a Bridge Deck Model

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Title Experimental Determination of Damping an dFrequency for a Bridge Deck Model
Creator Selvi Rajan, S.
Lakshmanan, N.
Harikrishna, P.
Ramesh Babu, G.
Arunachalam, S.
Jaya, K.P.
Subject Damping
Bridge deck
Description Through measurement of modal properties of the bridge deck, the stability of the bridge deck can be studied. In this regard, a special dynamic test rig assembly is developed in-house that enables speed and flexibility for mounting bridge deck models of different configurations and testing of bridge deck models. It is instrumented with accelerometer and strain gauges to measure the oscillations and the reactions at the ends of the springs. Measurements are made for different wind speeds between 4.5 and 9.5 m/s at the height of the bridge deck model. The time histories of displacement and strain are further analysed using ‘MATLAB’ program to obtain the frequencies of oscillations and damping parameters, leading to computation of flutter derivatives. The mean critical wind velocity for flutter is also evaluated for the chosen cross-section.
Date 2009
Type Conference paper
Identifier Proceedings of the Sixth Structural Engineering Convention (SEC 2008), 18-20 December, Chennai, India, 2008, p.1473-1482. Jointly Organised by Structural Engineering Research Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Anna university, Chennai.
Language en