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Effect of Ferrofluids on Microbes

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Title Effect of Ferrofluids on Microbes
Creator Sheikh, Lubna
Dutta, Abinash
Chandra, R
Nayar, S
Subject Materials Science
Description The chance finding of aqueous ferrofluids (FF) as antibacterial leaves one wondering whether it is the metallic part which has anti-bacterial properties or is it the nano size and structure which is responsible. Compared to silver, the known antimicrobial agent, there could be potential advantages that iron has to offer. In order to study the effects of ferrofluids containing iron oxide nanoparticles coated with surfactant such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), synthesized by a novel biomimetic process via matrix mediated process at different concentrations. These ferrofluids were tested against bacteria, fungus and algae. FF was characterized by MFM, TEM and DLS.
Publisher www.ijntse.com
Date 2015
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://eprints.nmlindia.org/7340/1/Sheikh_L-2015-IntNewT-pp.109-117s.pdf
Sheikh, Lubna and Dutta, Abinash and Chandra, R and Nayar, S (2015) Effect of Ferrofluids on Microbes. International Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering, 2(3) . pp. 109-117.
Relation http://www.ijntse.com/upload/1443860971IJNTSE-Sep-A1%20(1).pdf