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Development of Gun-Collector Module for 42 GHz, 200 KW Gyrotron

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Title Development of Gun-Collector Module for 42 GHz, 200 KW Gyrotron
Creator Sharma, SK
Singh, NK
Sahu, NK
Sharma, MK
Singh, P
Prakash, R
Srivastava, D
Mishra, A
Singh, U
Dwivedi, V
Khatun, H
Alaria, M
Jain, PK
Sinha, AK
Subject Gyrotrons
Description A 42 GHz, 200 KW Gyrotron is being developed at CEERI through multi-institutional approach for electron cyclotron resonance plasma heating for an Indian TOKAMAK system. Gyrotron is a fast wave microwave tube operating at millimeter and sub-millimeter region of RF spectrum. Based upon the indigenous design of the first Gyrotron gun-collector module, which is a combination of magnetron injection gun(MIG) and a test collector, is successfully developed and vacuum processed with the help of BEL, Bangalore. MIG is a complex assembly consisting of a cathode and a number of ceramic and metal piece parts. The creation of ceramic and metal joints as one piece becomes a concern particularly dealing with the large size of ceramic and vacuum grade metal piece parts as the leak tight ceramic metal joints must withstand vacuum of the order of 10-9 torr. There are different sub assemblies such as MIG base assembly, modulating anode assembly, control anode assembly, high voltage ceramic assemblies and for connection assembly along with test collector. The gun collector module consists approximate 48 parts in which metal parts are 37, 9 high voltage ceramics along with cathode-heater assembly. These sub-assemblies are integrated through brazing, Tig welding and laser welding etc. The second prototype gun-collector module has also been made ready for testing.
Date 2013
Type Conference or Workshop Item
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Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/8/1/40_2012%285%29.docx
Sharma, SK and Singh, NK and Sahu, NK and Sharma, MK and Singh, P and Prakash, R and Srivastava, D and Mishra, A and Singh, U and Dwivedi, V and Khatun, H and Alaria, M and Jain, PK and Sinha, AK (2013) Development of Gun-Collector Module for 42 GHz, 200 KW Gyrotron. In: National Conference on Innovation in Electronics and Communication Engineering (NIECE - 2013), February 22-23, 2013, Jaipur. (Submitted)
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