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Optically Controlled Rat-race Coupler on Silicon Substrate

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Title Optically Controlled Rat-race Coupler on Silicon Substrate
Creator Bhadauria, A
Saini, AK
Akhtar, J
Subject Sensors and Nanotechnology
Description This paper presents an optically controlled microstrip rate race coupler fabricated on silicon substrate. Optically controlled can be realized by creating an optically induced load termination by a laser spot at the open end of controlling ports in rat-race coupler. To simulate the transmission behavior of proposed structure, the optically induced load at the open end of the port has been modeled as a resistive termination. The simulation and experimental results show that the phase and amplitude of the RF signal can be controlled by optical terminations at different intensities and can be used as an optically controlled reflection type RF phase shifter and attenuator.
Date 2012
Type Conference or Workshop Item
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/38/1/24_2012%281%29.pdf
Bhadauria, A and Saini, AK and Akhtar, J (2012) Optically Controlled Rat-race Coupler on Silicon Substrate. In: 5th International Conference on Computers and Devices for Communication (CODEC - 2012) , December 17-19, 2012, Kolkata, India. (Submitted)
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