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Design of Shadow Gridded Electron Gun for a Miniature Klystron

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Title Design of Shadow Gridded Electron Gun for a Miniature Klystron
Creator Gupta, S
Bandyopadhyay, AK
Joshi, LM
Singh, AK
Kant, D
Subject Klystrons
Description This paper presents the design of shadow gridded electron gun to be used in a 300 Watt peak power miniature Klystron. Medium power miniature klystrons have important applications in navigation, communication and RADAR systems. A miniature Klystron with 300 Watt peak power has been developed in CEERI and performance evolution of the same is under progress. The pulsing of the device currently under testing is achieved by applying a pulsed voltage in the beam focusing electrode (BFE). The present work is aimed to improve the performance of the un-gridded electron gun providing 240 mA of beam current. With the shadow gridded design we aim to achieve a steep reduction of the applied potential required in the BFE for beam cut-off. This will eventually ease the complexity of the pulse forming circuitry and a higher pulse repeating factor (PRF) can be achieved. The design and simulation works regarding the electron gun have been carried out using the three dimensional electromagnetic simulation tool CST Particle Studio. The particle tracking solver of CST particle studio consists of magneto-static solver, electrostatic solver and tracking solver. The geometry of the pole piece and grids, the distance between the grids and the applied potential on the control grid have been carefully optimized to achieve the desired current and magnetic field. After these initial optimization, fine adjustments of the current and number of turns in the solenoid have been done to achieve proper beam transmission throughout the entire length of the interaction structure. The value of the magnetic field required for proper beam transmission, the potential requirement for beam cut off. The pulsing would be accomplished by pulsing the control grid. The shadow grid is placed near the cathode to protect the control grid from the direct hitting of the electrons. Since a direct replacement of the developed electron gun is requirement, the other gun parameters i.e. the anode potential, the beam current, the beam radius, magnetic field requirement should remain identical with the developed electron gun.
Date 2012
Type Conference or Workshop Item
Format application/msword
Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/43/1/07_2012%2811%29.doc
Gupta, S and Bandyopadhyay, AK and Joshi, LM and Singh, AK and Kant, D (2012) Design of Shadow Gridded Electron Gun for a Miniature Klystron. In: National Conference on Recent Trends in Microwave Techniques and Applications (Microwave - 2012), July 30 - August 1, 2012, S.S. Jain Subodh P.G. College, Jaipur and University of Rajasthan . (Submitted)
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