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Electrical Design of Brewster Window for Triple Frequency Gyrotron

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Title Electrical Design of Brewster Window for Triple Frequency Gyrotron
Creator Kumar, A
Kumar, N
Singh, U
Yadav, V
Vyas, V
Sinha, AK
Subject Gyrotrons
Description RF window is a critical component of a high power microwave tube and used on the output section of the device for the propagation of RF power. The desired features of an ideal window are minimum return loss, minimum insertion loss, high power handling capability and wide bandwidth. Different dielectric materials such as boron nitride, silicon nitride, sapphire and PACVD diamond are used in a gyrotron RF window. The Brewster window is designed for triple frequency gyrotron and presented in this paper. Brewster window is used in multi frequency gyrotron. Window reflections are the main problem in the design of Brewster window. The transmission band of Brewster window is large and the disk in the window is tilted with a specific angle. Fig 1 shows the schematic view of Brewster window. Brewster angle and disk thickness are equal to 670 and 1.11 mm, respectively and selected for Brewster window design. Fig. 2 shows the return loss and the insertion loss with wide frequency range for Brewster window.
Date 2013
Type Conference or Workshop Item
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Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/53/1/40_2012%281%29.docx
Kumar, A and Kumar, N and Singh, U and Yadav, V and Vyas, V and Sinha, AK (2013) Electrical Design of Brewster Window for Triple Frequency Gyrotron. In: National COnference on Innovation in Electronics & Communication Engineering (NIECE- 2013), February 22-23, 2013, Jaipur. (Submitted)
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