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Design and Fabrication of Smart Micro Reservoir for Biomedical Application

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Title Design and Fabrication of Smart Micro Reservoir for Biomedical Application
Creator Kumar, S
Negi, GS
Akhtar, J
Subject Sensors and Nanotechnology
Description This paper describes the design and fabrication of smart reservoir integrated with MEMS cantilever for bio medical application. A reservoir is a kind of trap where fluid can be collected for biological sensing purposes. These smart reservoir is integrated with the cantilevers of desired shapes of well defined length, width, thickness and hence spring constant. These smart reservoirs are coated with unique chemical composition to attract particular foreign antigen present in the fluid and hence providing the platform for reaction to occur. The smart reservoir also provides sufficient time for reaction and can be further triggered to open the associated micro valve. The exact amount of fluid in reservoir is sensed by the MEMS cantilever in term of stress developed because of fluid trapped inside the reservoir which is the novelty of this system. The reservoir integrated with cantilever is fabricated using MEMS technology and thereby provides a cost effective fabrication process. The range of weight of liquid that can be collected is decided by the size of the reservoir during designing. The present paper describes design and fabrication for the smart micro reservoir integrated with MEMS cantilever for biomedical sensing purposes. The cantilever beams of V shaped and rectangular shaped with an integrated reservoir of 15 µm height were designed and fabricated for the spring constant values k=0.006 N/m and of k=0.01. The smart reservoir thus fabricated is made of a 1.0 µm thick of silicon dioxide and 0.3 µm of PECVD silicon nitride using TMAH as an etchant.
Date 2013
Type Conference or Workshop Item
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/54/1/29_2012%284%29.pdf
Kumar, S and Negi, GS and Akhtar, J (2013) Design and Fabrication of Smart Micro Reservoir for Biomedical Application. In: International Conference on Emerging Technologies: Micro to Nano 2013 (ETMN - 2013), February 23-24, 2013, Goa, India. (Submitted)
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