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Design and Development of Thermionic Emission Microscope

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Title Design and Development of Thermionic Emission Microscope
Creator Barik, RK
Raju, RS
Das, S
Rathore, S
Subject Cathodes
Description Thermionic Emission Microscope (THEM) developed at CEERI has an electrostatic immersion lens to magnify the image. The geometry of lens and potentials are optimized to achieve a magnification of about 15 times with a clear image. The design of deflection plates and lens are carried out using OmniTRAK 3-D to ensure required deflection of beam without losing laminarity and beam interception with plates. Faraday cage, containing a narrow aperture, is designed to obtain elemental currents with low secondary emission. The emission picture of a B-Type cathode has been obtained. The results are satisfactory.
Date 2011
Type Conference or Workshop Item
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://ceeri.csircentral.net/122/1/58_2010%28iv%29.pdf
Barik, RK and Raju, RS and Das, S and Rathore, S (2011) Design and Development of Thermionic Emission Microscope. In: International Vacuum Electronics Conference (IEEE-IVEC 2011), February 21-24, 2011, Bangalore, India. (Submitted)
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