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Failure analysis of aeroengine parts

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Title Failure analysis of aeroengine parts
Creator Saikrishna, CN
Madan, M
Venkataswamy, MA
Sujata, M
Parameswara, MA
Bhaumik, SK
Subject Aeronautics (General)
Chemistry and Materials (General)
Description There was an incidence to an aeroengine during test run. Strip examination of the engine revealed damages and failure of a number of components. After a preliminary assessment of the engine failure by the Investigating Committee, a few selected components were sent to the Materials Science Division of NAL for identification of mode of failure and also, if possible, to establish the cause of failure. All the components received for investigation were examined visually followed by stereo-microscopic and scanning electron microscopic observations. Microstructural study and hardness measurements were carried out wherever necessary. A detailed account of the findings is presented in this report.
Publisher National Aerospace Laboratories
Date 2005
Type Proj.Doc/Technical Report
Identifier Saikrishna, CN and Madan, M and Venkataswamy, MA and Sujata, M and Parameswara, MA and Bhaumik, SK (2005) Failure analysis of aeroengine parts. Project Report. National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore.
Relation http://nal-ir.nal.res.in/9995/