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The mannitol cycle in Pleurotus ostreatus (Florida)

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Title The mannitol cycle in Pleurotus ostreatus (Florida)
Creator Chakraborty, Tapas Kumar
Basu, Debabrata
Das, Nirmalendu
Sengupta, Subhabrata
Mukherjee, Mina
Subject Drug Development/Diagnostics & Biotechnology
Description In mushroom, presence of the mannitol cycle has not been reported so far although the polyol is supposed to be generated by the reduction of fructose by mannitol dehydrogenase. This study submits evidence for the presence of the mannitol cycle in Pleurotus ostreatus. The key enzyme of the cycle, mannitol-1-phosphate dehydrogenase (M1PDH), was present appreciably in all the developmental stages of the mushroom. However, the enzyme level dropped significantly at the onset of sporulation. The presence of M1DPH was confirmed by isozyme analysis and RT-PCR mediated amplification of a �400 bp DNA fragment. � 2004 Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Published by Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.
Publisher Elsevier
Date 2005
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/533/1/CANCER_EPIDEMIOLOGY_BIOMARKERS_%26_PREVENTION%2C_13(_5)%2C_820%2D827_[60].pdf
Chakraborty, Tapas Kumar and Basu, Debabrata and Das, Nirmalendu and Sengupta, Subhabrata and Mukherjee, Mina (2005) The mannitol cycle in Pleurotus ostreatus (Florida). FEMS Microbiology Letters, 236 (2). pp. 307-311.
Relation http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.femsle.2004.06.002