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Rapid Non-Instrumental Immunoassayas For Mycotoxins

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Title Rapid Non-Instrumental Immunoassayas For Mycotoxins
Creator Saha, Debjani
Subject Drug Development/Diagnostics & Biotechnology
Description Mycotoxins like ochratoxin A, aflatoxin and T-2 toxins form a group of structurally diverse secondary metabolites produced by various fungal species. Food crops and feeds are always susceptible to fungal attack / infestation which lead to the production of mycotoxins. Consumption of mycotoxin contaminated foods produces several toxic manifestations in humans and animals even at very low concentrations. The presence of mycotoxins in agricultural products can never be completely eliminated; however it is possible through risk assessment to define levels, which will not contribute any health hazard. Therefore there is a constant demand for rapid, reliable and sensitive method for mycotoxin detection, especially those which can be carried out outside the laboratory.
Date 2008
Type Thesis
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/657/1/THESIS_OF_DEBJANI_SAHA.pdf
Saha, Debjani (2008) Rapid Non-Instrumental Immunoassayas For Mycotoxins. PhD thesis, Jadavpur University.
Relation http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/657/