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Effect of Pelvic Endometrial Implants on Overall Reproductive Functions of Female Rats

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Title Effect of Pelvic Endometrial Implants on Overall Reproductive Functions of Female Rats
Creator Pal, Alok K
Biswas, Shampa
Goswami, S K
Kabir, S N
Subject Cell Biology & Physiology
Description The effects of pelvic endometrial implants on the overall reproductive potential of female rats were investigated. After homologous transplantation in the peritoneum, the ectopic endometrium developed into highly vascularized nodes that gradually increased in mass until the 9th week postsurgery and then plateaued. In the presence of these implants, overall reproductive function was adversely affected. The effect was of greatest magnitude during 50–70 days posttransplantation. As compared with values in corresponding controls, ovulation was reduced by 43% (6 of 14) (p , 0.05), mating rate was reduced by 44% (12 of 27) (p , 0.025), and premature termination of pregnancy occurred in 34% (5 of 15) of rats. Wastage of pregnancy, which included complete termination or reduction of fetal number, occurred during the postimplantation course of gestation. Furthermore, 100% of the rats with transplants failed to respond to the copulomimetic stimulation for the induction of pseudopregnancy (p , 0.01, compared with corresponding controls). However, on exposure to vasectomized males, 46% (6 of 13) of these rats exhibited development of pseudopregnancy (p , 0.05, compared with corresponding group receiving copulomimetic stimulation). Increased rate of mating failure and differential pseudopregnancy rates after copulomimetic and natural cervical stimulation suggest that the rats with endometrial explants possibly had an absence or a short appearance of behavioral estrus. Hormonal assessment during the preovulatory phase showed a tendency toward lower mean levels of preovulatory estradiol and significantly lower LH (p , 0.01) and progesterone (p , 0.01) concentrations. The adversely affected reproductive functions may be a secondary consequence of these altered endocrine milieus.
Date 1999
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/663/1/BIOLOGY_OF_REPRODUCTION__60(_4)954%2D958;1999[62].pdf
Pal, Alok K and Biswas, Shampa and Goswami, S K and Kabir, S N (1999) Effect of Pelvic Endometrial Implants on Overall Reproductive Functions of Female Rats. Biology of Reproduction, 60 (4). pp. 954-958.
Relation http://dx.doi.org/10.1095/biolreprod60.4.954