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Mechanism of charge transport in polypyrrole-heparin composites

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Title Mechanism of charge transport in polypyrrole-heparin composites
Creator Kaur, A
Singh, R
Yadav, K L
Bhattacharya, Dipten
Subject Electronics
Description Polypyrrole-heparin composites have been prepared by an electrochemical polymerization technique. The mechanism of charge transport in the composite has been investigated. DC conductivity has been measured in the temperature range 13-300 K. In the very low temperature regime, i.e., below 68 K, the conductivity of the composite saturates. This behavior has been attributed to the tunneling mechanism. Above 68 K, the variation of dc conductivity with temperature has been attributed to Mott's variable range hopping (VRH) mechanism. Various Mott's parameters associated with the mechanism of charge transport such as, characteristic temperature (T-0), average hopping distance (R), average hopping energy (W), and density of states at the Fermi level [N(E-F)] have been evaluated in this regime and are in good agreement with the values reported earlier for other conjugated polymers.
Publisher Marcel Dekker Inc
Date 2004-11
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://cgcri.csircentral.net/505/1/dipten.pdf
Kaur, A and Singh, R and Yadav, K L and Bhattacharya, Dipten (2004) Mechanism of charge transport in polypyrrole-heparin composites. Journal of Macromolecular Science-Pure and Applied ChemistryY, A41 (12). pp. 1369-1375. ISSN 1060-1325
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