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Transport and magnetic properties of La(1-x)Ba(x)CoO(3)

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Title Transport and magnetic properties of La(1-x)Ba(x)CoO(3)
Creator Mandal, P
Choudhury, Pranab
Biswas, S K
Ghosh, B
Subject Electronics
Description We have systematically investigated transport, magnetic, and structural properties of La(1-x)Ba(x)CoO(3) in the range of doping 0<xless than or equal to0.55. In this system, the metal-insulator transition is observed to be coincident with the onset of ferromagnetic (FM) ordering at x=0.20. Well below Curie temperature T(C), rho exhibits T(2) behavior whereas over a temperature interval just below T(C), it shows T(4) dependence due to the scattering of charge carriers by magnetic fluctuations. For x<0.20, the low temperature magnetic property is dominated by a spin-glass- or cluster-glasslike phase. The role of ionic size mismatch on the above mentioned physical properties has also been investigated by partially substituting La with Nd and Ba with Sr for a fixed doping. A phase diagram, the dependence of transition temperatures on doping (x), has been constructed for La(1-x)Ba(x)CoO(3) from this study.
Publisher American Physical Society
Date 2004-09
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://cgcri.csircentral.net/523/1/Phya_RevB_70_(2004)_104407.pdf
Mandal, P and Choudhury, Pranab and Biswas, S K and Ghosh, B (2004) Transport and magnetic properties of La(1-x)Ba(x)CoO(3). Physical Review B, 70 (10). Article No.-104407. ISSN 1098-0121
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