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  • » Ambient formation of high pressure Ag2Si2O5 and non-stoichiometric Ag0.3Al0.7 alloy...
    Pramanik, Subrata
    Mukhopadhyay, Mrinmay Kumar
    Biswas, Ripan Kumar
    Ghosh, Jiten
    Datta, Alokmay
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  • » A Roadmap towards Research and Development on Specialty Glasses for Strategic and...
    Mandal, Sitendu
    K, Annapurna
    Jana, Sunirmal
    Biswas, Kaushik
    Mandal, Asish K
    Molla, Atiar R
    Tarafder, Anal
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  • » Synthesis and fabrication of ultra-lowexpansion glass-ceramic in ternary...
    Sitendu, Mandal
    Raktima, Chatterjee
    Sourav, Nag
    Srikirishna, Manna
    Jana, Sunirmal
    Kaushik, Biswas
    Balram, Ambade
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