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Investigation on RC Slabs with Corroded Reinforcements

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Title Investigation on RC Slabs with Corroded Reinforcements
Creator Sundar Kumar, S.
Bharatkumar, B.H.
Krishnamoorthy, T.S.
Ramesh, G.
Balasubramanian, K.
Lakshmanan, N.
Subject Reinforced concrete
RC slab
Concrete structure
Acidic gases
Description One of the major durability problems in RC structures is the corrosion of reinforcement when exposed to the chlorides. Carbonation of concrete or penetration of acidic gases into the concrete, being other causes of reinforcement corrosion. Slabs form one of the main structural elements which are highly prone to corrosion as they are of smaller in thickness and usually provided with little cover. Besides these, factors such as water cement ratio, cement content, impurities in the ingredients etc also affect the reinforcement corrosion. In the present investigation, experimental studies were made on seven numbers of pre-cracked slab specimens of dimension 2000X2000X60 mm, retrofitted with different types of repair methods.
Date 2009
Type Conference paper
Identifier Proceedings of the Sixth Structural Engineering Convention, SEC 2008, Chennai, India, 18-20 December 2008, p.1341-1348, Jointly Organised by Structural Engineering Research Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Anna University, Chennai.
Language en