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Lewis Acid-Catalyzed One-Pot, Three-Component Route to Chiral 3,3¢-Bipyrroles

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Title Lewis Acid-Catalyzed One-Pot, Three-Component Route to Chiral 3,3¢-Bipyrroles
Creator Dey, Sumit
Pal, Churala
Nandi, Debkumar
Giri, V S
Zaidlewicz, Marek
Krzeminski, Marek
Smentek, Lidia
Hess, B. Andes Jr
Gawronski, Jacek
Kwit, Marcin
Babu, N Jagadeesh
Nangia, Ashwini
Jaisankar , P
Subject Chemistry
Description Bipyrroles not only are key subunits in important natural products but also are known for their conducting properties. Polypyrroles are one of the most extensively studied1 conducting polymers, since they possess numerous attractive features that are important to material science such as good redox properties, environmental stability, and high electrical conductivity. They have found applications as supercapacitors, electrochemical sensors, antistatic coatings, and drug delivery systems.2 Bipyrroles are found as natural products belonging to the prodigiosin family,3 and they are also known to exhibit a broad range of activity against bacteria, protozoa, and pathogenic fungi. They are capable of inducing apoptosis in many different human cancer cell lines with few side effects.
Date 2008
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/195/1/ORGANIC_LETTERS%2C10(_7)%2C1373%2D1376%2C2008[99].pdf
Dey, Sumit and Pal, Churala and Nandi, Debkumar and Giri, V S and Zaidlewicz, Marek and Krzeminski, Marek and Smentek, Lidia and Hess, B. Andes Jr and Gawronski, Jacek and Kwit, Marcin and Babu, N Jagadeesh and Nangia, Ashwini and Jaisankar , P (2008) Lewis Acid-Catalyzed One-Pot, Three-Component Route to Chiral 3,3¢-Bipyrroles. ORGANIC LETTERS, 10 (7). pp. 1373-1376.
Relation http://dx.doi.org/10.1021/ol800115p