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Dimethyl oleana- 13(18 ), 15(16)-diene-3/3,28- diacetate

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Title Dimethyl oleana- 13(18 ), 15(16)-diene-3/3,28- diacetate
Creator Bhattacharyya, Kinkini
Kar, Tanusree
Dutta, Pradeep K
Bocelli, Gabriele
Righi, Lara
Subject Chemistry
Description The title compound, C34H5204, consists of five sixmembered rings. All of the rings except the one with two double bonds exist in chair form. The ring with two double bonds is almost pl~ar with a mean deviation from planarity of only 0.03 A.
Publisher Blackwell Publishing
Date 1999
Type Article
Format application/pdf
Identifier http://www.eprints.iicb.res.in/651/1/ACTA_CRYSTALLOGRAPHICA_SECTION_C%2DCRYSTAL_STRUCTURE_COMMUNICATIONS_55_992%2D994;19999[42].pdf
Bhattacharyya, Kinkini and Kar, Tanusree and Dutta, Pradeep K and Bocelli, Gabriele and Righi, Lara (1999) Dimethyl oleana- 13(18 ), 15(16)-diene-3/3,28- diacetate. Acta Crystallographica Section C, 55. pp. 992-994.
Relation http://dx.doi.org/10.1107/S0108270199002255