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Impact of Air Pollutants of an Iron Ore Mines

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Title Impact of Air Pollutants of an Iron Ore Mines
Creator Ahmad, Mobin
Chakraborty, M. K.
Gupta, Asha
Subject Envieronmental Management Group
Description All major mining activities particularly opencast mining contributes to the problem of suspended particulate Matter (SPM and Respiratory Particulate Matter (RPM) directly and indirectly. Therefore, monitoring, protection and control of SPM and RPM have become extremely important to prevent and minimize the impact which may cause due to these pollutants in Codli and Sonshi, Iron Ore Mines Goa. Meteorology of the area, govern the concentration of pollutant and its variations with time and location, with respect to the source. Seven air sampling station were identified and the parameters monitored were RPM and SPM, its shape and size and Silica percentage. The study showed that the concentration of SPM and RPM were higher near the sub station as compared to the other locations. Silica percentage was higher in Codli mines as compared to sonshi Mines, and the partile size with < 5.0 ┬Ám was observed to be higher near the crushing plant of pit No.3. The air quality data obtained formed the basis for understanding of the existing environmental status in and around the Codli and Sonshi iron ore mines and will help to evaluate the effectiveness of the existing mittigative measures.
Publisher IME Publication Bhubaneswar
Date 2007-10
Type Article
Identifier Ahmad, Mobin and Chakraborty, M. K. and Gupta, Asha (2007) Impact of Air Pollutants of an Iron Ore Mines. Indian Mining & Engineering Journal , 46 (10). pp. 110-113. ISSN 0019-5944
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